Automatic Shuttered Door (Shops)
Today many shops use automatic shutters for safety, beauty and because they are easy to use. In these doors generally two kinds of engines are used: chains sides and tubular (inside moving tube). for shutters witch are wide and with high height, mostly chain side engines are used which are powerful, have less depreciation and breakdowns and also easy chain releaser is very beloved in automatic shutter industrial.

• Safe than handy shutters
• Easy to close and open by remote control or key
• Quite and well function
• Beautiful and syncs by any facade because of expansive color spectrum
• Sound and heat proof
• Handy releaser for the power outage
• Can set a backup battery to use in power outage (UPS)

Chain Side Engine Specifications:
• Huge power range from 150 to 2000 KG
• Emergency stop to prevent door from dropping
• Move with up, down and stop switches
• Can be used by traffic control devices, card reader, communication devices like phones and…
• Easy chain releaser
• Can set side eyes and flasher
• Can set a backup battery to use in power outage