Automatic Shuttered Door (Home)
Today shuttered automatic doors are a real need. Actually automatic shutters are important for parking and storage doors and windows. In fact shutters are moving walls that are set in front of windows and entrances and you can open them when you need.
Automatic shutter with smart control central makes these shutters smart, and programmable; you can open, close or make them half open at curtain times. First and most important thing about automatic electric shutters is to keep the building safe.

• Most use from parking space
• Improve building safety
• Easy to use by remote control, key or communication devices like phone
• Quiet function because of the foamy blades specially in buildings
• Beautiful and syncs by any Facade because of Expansive color spectrum
• Possibility of installing side sensors and flasher

For shutters with smaller sizes tubular engines are used. This engine will not take any space above the automatic shutter and it is established inside the shutter tube. This engine is out of sight and doesn’t need periodic services and because it is in the tube it is away from dust and sunlight and rain. For handy closing and opening you can use the handles that are on the side of the engine and usually the handle is mobile, also these motor is capable of using UPS during power outage.